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【CityScape1.83程序发布】支持SketchUp Pro模型导入,十分钟造就您的城市梦想!

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sketchup站长在最初的1.4版本就开始关注本程序,由于以前不支持SketchUp Pro模型的导入,所以没有做太多的推广和介绍。如今新版本发布,全力支持SketchUp Pro模型的COLLADA格式输入,对此感谢开发团队的精益求精的务实开发精神。
“It would be great if you could write something about CityScape on sketchupbbs.com – we would like more people to learn about our software.
We also have a forum, where users can share their work…
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CityScape is the leading-edge rapid urban modeling solution for real-time environment generation. Using proven game technology and an intuitive interface, CityScape allows artists and designers to quickly iterate and refine complex urban data sets in a fully rendered real-time 3D environment.
CityScape Benefits:

Rapid Urban Development -
Roads: Complex intersections, roundabouts, overpasses, freeways, and tunnels can all be created and adjusted in minutes – fully stitched and integrated.
Props: Populate cities with buildings, trees, fences, power lines, and imported props, manually or automatically.
Active Adjustments – Making modifications anytime is as simple as click-and-drag. Terrain geometry, road networks, and props adjust to changes naturally.
Automatic Traffic Data Generation – Traffic data is procedurally generated with the road network and automatically updates whenever the network is modified.
Supports Popular File Formats – Autodesk Filmbox™, 3ds Max*, Maya*, COLLADA™, OpenFlight 16.3, and GIS data formats (shapefile, elevation data, projections, building outlines).
Commercial Game Engine Support – CityScape can import & export to Emergent’s Gamebryo 2.6 and Lightspeed.
Collaborative Multi-User Support – Teams can work on different portions of the same world simultaneously while CityScape merges changes to the shared world automatically.
Using CityScape to build urban environments can save a company time and money by accomplishing in a few hours what traditionally took days to complete.
* 3ds Max and Maya support through Filmbox™
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